Meredith L. Ferguson, LCSW

President of HCIT Consulting
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About Me:
I am a versatile, dynamic clinician with a gift for assessment and organization. My background includes 30 years of international travel, which has rewarded me with knowledge and awareness of various cultures, religions, languages, and socio-economic and political issues. Within the realm of social work, I am a skilled communicator and a proactive problem solver. My sense of humor and my open nature allows me to quickly establish rapport and identify needs in the most challenging situations.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in French at the University of Arizona, USA. During my undergraduate studies, I attended a semester abroad at the International University at Richmond College in London, England. Over the course of my college years, I explored over 15 countries, which is where my zest for international travel and passion for other cultures was born. Upon graduation from the U of A, I spent six months traveling in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.
I then obtained my Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, USA. I realized my excitement for medical social work and declared my concentration in health and direct practice. After completion of this degree, I then pursued further education in Austin, Texas and soon completed supervision to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) by the state of Texas. I have also obtained reciprocity by the state of Washington as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). In addition, the General Social Care Council verified my ability to practice in the United Kingdom.

In 2003, I created the Global Social Work Network as a result of years of frustration as I tried to relocate overseas for employment as a social work professional. As I researched social work regulation and licensure in other countries, I found there were limited resources for those trying to broaden their social work scope of practice. During my research, there were few individuals, agencies, and organizations that could provide answers to basic questions. Thus, I decided there needed to be a place, a network, for those trying to pursue employment overseas and the GSWN was born.
For the last few years, my passion has been the movement of healthcare technology. I worked for a major health care EMR company assisting social work and case management departments evolve with the changing trends of health care. As an account manager for national accounts, I have had great experience with client satisfaction, client retention, cross selling, relationship building, networking, organizational analysis, workflow assessment, workflow redesign, project management, implementation, training, benefits realization, and consulting.
In addition, I was promoted to a Senior Consultant where I travel to hospitals around the country and assess the current business practices and day to day operations. Thorough assessments are completed and I return results to the client. An extensive vision of how their department could look and run efficiently with the help of automation is presented, via custom demonstration, to various levels of the Healthcare Organization. Many hospitals utilized my services for Readmission Tracking, Audits and the Accountable Care Organization strategies. I assisted as a change agent within the areas of utilization management, CDIS, discharge planning, referral management, audit tracking, denial management, outpatient case management and ROI/benefit realization.

I am currently the Founder and Principal Consultant of HCIT Consulting. HCIT Consulting is an independent healthcare consulting firm. Our consultants possess a unique approach to assess, analyze and implement change to meet our clients’ goals.  We provide detailed preliminary assessments of process, workflow and how IT systems are utilized in day to day operations. We review and analyze findings, make recommendations, and create a project and implementation plan. These are not only based on findings, they also incorporate recommendations related to industry best practice to maximize utilization of IT resources to improve workflow and produce efficiencies. More information is available on the website,

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